5 Things That Impact Fragrance Longevity

An extremely interesting post, particularly on the issue of the molecule size of certain ingredients and its impact on longevity. I’ve learnt quite a bit from Scent Bound on the more scientific aspects of perfume, so give it a look!


GrapefruitCreed Millesime Imperial is like a workaholic girlfriend: you’ve barely spent 20 minutes together and she has to run.  Millesime Imperial and I had a great time together but it never lasted more than half an hour at a time.  The blog community warned me that’s how Millesime Imperial is – it smells great but it doesn’t last very long.  I thought, well, that’s them, maybe with me it will be different.  I fell hard for it – the fresh melon note, the salty calone, the mild iris, it was just perfect…for 20 minutes.

First, I got on this guilt trip.  Maybe it’s me.  I’m not good enough.  Maybe if I make my skin oilier, it will stick longer.  No such luck.  Okay, what if I put more of it and spray it on clothes.  I got a 10-minute improvement.  I figured, okay, then I guess I’ll have to…

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